Character Hinata Hyuuga

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Character Hinata Hyuuga

Post  Spanac96 on Sun May 25, 2008 4:20 am

Name: Hyuuga Hinata
Age: 12-13
Village: Hidden Leaf Village
Weight: 38,2 kg
Current rank: Chuunin
Length: 1,48 m
Intro: Episode 1 / Chapter 34
Bloodtype: A
Age 15 in Shippuuden.

Character biography
Hyuuga Hinita is part of the family branch of the Hyuuga clan, and is the daughter of Hyuuga Hiashi Neji's uncle. She is very shy towards people and has a very low self esteem. She has a huge crush on Naruto in the anime and is pretty much always Secretly encouraging him through his trials when she witnesses him.

Hinita also seems to not really want to be a ninja at all but she goes along and is very obedient to people. She would seem better off doing home type of activities then fighting and in time the show may put her in a more of a 'house? wife position.


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