Character Chouji Akimichi

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Character Chouji Akimichi

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Name: Akimichi Chouji
Age: 12-13
Village: Hidden Leaf Village
Weight: 69.3 kg
Current rank: Chuunin
Length: 156.3 cm
Intro: Episode 1 / Chapter 34
Bloodtype: B
Age 15 in Shippuuden.

Character biography
The big-boned Chouji is a pupil of Asuma and a teammate of Shikamaru and Ino. Chouji spends most of his time eating, thinking about eating, and resting. He has pretty funny jutsu like the meat tank, where he triples his size and transforms himself into a huge spinning ball. And then uses his chakra to roll the ball in all directions.

He isn't really motivated to fight or do anything for that matter. The only way to get him to fight or help is to reward him with food. But when people call him chubby,fatty(...etc.) / mocking his weight he gets pissed off, and won't hold back. Since he's part of the Akimichi Clan who specializes in body enlargement jutsu he can also use the clan's food pills to increase his power tremendously, but putting a heavy strain on the body. Chouji is someone who is, but mustn't be under estimated.


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