Character Sakura Haruno

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Character Sakura Haruno

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Country: Fire Country; Hidden Leaf Village
Age: 13 Height: 150.1 CM Weight: 35.9 KG
Birthday: March 28th
Ninja Rank:Chunnin
Bloodtype: O
First Seen: Chapter 003; Anime Episode 001
Acquaintances: Hatake Kakashi, Tsunade, Uchiha Sasuke, Uzumaki Naruto, Yamanaka Ino

Sakura is what could be called the cute intellectual part of Team 7 that consists of Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, and herself. This ninja knows every rule and every technical detail that would be required of a ninja to know. First in her class when it comes to knowledge, Sakura is a totally different person when she's on the battlefield at the beginning of the series. During the battle she could hardly hold back her feelings and emotions and is often seen panicking or bursting into tears when the battle is not turning out in her teams favor, therefore giving her the reputation of being somewhat unreliable in her teachers eyes. But, even though she sometimes lacks the bravery to act as a real ninja during battle, Sakura progressively takes a more and more active role in her team as time passes by.

Loving Sasuke with all of her heart and finding Naruto to be an annoying brat she spends her free time trying to seduce Sasuke and taking care of her appearance while completely ignoring Naruto and ofen picking a fight with her "friend" and rival for the love of Sasuke, Yamanaka Ino. This only holds true until Sakura begins to understand her other comrade, realizing that he is indeed very special and abandoning the idea that he is a miserable failure, like most of the others think until the end of the Chuunin exams. She admits that she was wrong and has been acting selfishly as if she was always right. Aside from that Sakura is always helping out her teammates, especially Naruto, to understand some of the specific ninja maneuvers that only a veteran could understand, and by doing so helping her team devise a strategy to win against the enemy. She also incarnated the teams good conscience and often acts as a warning bell, or the person who puts her team back on the right track (and Naruto is often the victim of such "reminders"). Sakura is otherwise a very gentle person that never misses an opportunity to help others and find a good thing to do or say to those who aren't as fortunate.

Through the series we learn that Sakura was not always as she is now. When she was younger she was generally rejected by the other girls, for no reason other than her being ashamed of her rather large forehead. When the other kids at the ninja academy saw that, they didn't miss an opportunity to make fun of it! Sakura would spend her days all alone until one day a popular girl, Ino, saw her sitting alone on the bench crying and began talking to her. From then on, Ino gave Sakura a whole new attitude and boosted her self confidence as she began to make some more friends, and even fall in love. Until then Ino was always helping her when she got insulted or bulled around by other girls, acting as a mentor giving her advice on how to act and how to be a better student and person, physically and mentally. This lasted until Sakura fell in love with the boy that every other girl at the academy had their eye on: Uchiha Sasuke. From there her relationship with Ino became cold and formal, neither of the two ex-best friends would openly declare war upon the other, which resulted in a few quarrels, some serious and some absolutely ridiculous! Recently though Sakura's relationship with Ino has become less tense and more friendly, but we have yet to see what happened to them during a three year time jump.

Sakura's fighting style was very basic before the three year jump in the series, but that does not mean it was bad as she excelled at the "basic stuff". Sakura, as Hatake Kakashi states, is the best of the original genins at controlling her chakra. Basically, she's as good at that as a jounin would be: nearly perfect. She uses this near perfection over her chakra to execute all the basic ninjutsu that a ninja knows without a single flaw. These, mixed with some basic taijutsu makes Sakura tricky and sometimes very tough to deal with. It also seems that she is good at manipulating shuriken and kunai, making her even more dangerous at a long range. With all of these characteristics she is a ninja that should be taken seriously, unless you want to get beaten to a pulp! Being trained under Tsunade, Sakura acquired unbelievable physical strength, being able to easily split a large piece of land in two by just punching the soil. Adding to that, she is now a skilled medical ninja. Under the training of this new sensei there is no doubt that Sakura now possesses some significant knowledge of healing techniques, and some great talent that we have not seen all of... yet.


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